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18 Holes of Golfing fun!

The Woods expanded its Stony Lick 9 hole regulation course to an 18 hole, 3,600 yard, par 62 mid-length course. Together the Stony Lick mid-length course and the championship Mountain View Course offer a fun experience to golfers of all skill levels. Learn more about the course here. Be sure and check out the 18-hole Mountain View golf course as well.

Click the image below to see a pdf of the Stony Lick Scorecard.


#1 Mad's Ace
#2 Chip Shot

#3 The Trough

#4 Stony Lick

#5 Second Chance

#6 Creekside

#7 Hillsider

#8 Straightaway

#9 Lay Up
#10 Oh! Sh-!
#11 Horseshoe

#12 Old Chapel

#13 Three Putt

#14 Birdie

#15 Up the Creek

#16 Stonebridge

#17 Tomahawk's Delight

#18 Shamrock

Click on the flags above for a layout, yardage, and par for that particular hole.

Click on the map below for an enlargement.

"The Stony Lick Course... may test your array of shots more than any course you will ever play."
Washington Golf Monthly

About The Stony Lick Mid-Length Course

Stony Lick has been expanded into an 18 hole mid-length course to complement The Woods 18 hole, 6,600 yard, par 72 Mountain View regulation course. Stony Lick plays to a par of 62 from three sets of tees ranging 3,000 - 3,700 yards in length.

Stony Lick and Mountain View courses accommodate golfers of all ages and abilities. Both are fun, fair and challenging.

Stony Lick was the first mid-length course to be built in the Shenandoah and Cumberland Valleys. It is especially fun for high handicappers, youngsters, seniors and families who want to play together. Its 10 par three holes and 8 par four holes provide low handicappers an exacting venue to work on their short games.

The Stony Lick mid-length course was built with the same integrity and is maintained to the same standards as the Mountain View regulation course. Its shorter length makes many holes easier to bogie, but not to par.

Mid-length courses are becoming very popular with the great majority of golfers for whom regulation courses are too difficult. They can be played in about one hour's less time. Walkers like them because they are approximately three miles long, compared to five miles for regulation courses.

Ray Johnston designed the Stony Lick mid-length course to meet the needs of Woods Club members after researching their ages, handicaps and play patterns and after studying new course construction in resort communities.